Crete Canvas Pouch 35cm x 25cm




100% Polyester


Sized to fit the essentials and designed to reinforce the hands-free experience, this pouch has all the thoughtful details that make it the go-to accessory. Made from canvas and detailed with waterproof lining and a zipper, it has a sleek silhouette that makes it the perfect pouch to slip into a larger tote.

Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm
Textile bag with 100% waterproof lining and zipper.
Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry.

Made in Greece

100% Polyester


Byzantine, oriental and Italian – the decorative influences which are found in cretan embroidery are proof of the charming folk art found on this island. Ornate and mysterious, the design depicted on our ‘Crete’ pattern is composed of such diverse characteristics, just like cretan embroidery itself. Based on grouping flowers, surrounding borders and an ‘emblem’ enclosed in a circle at its centre, this motif is a must-have for history lovers.