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King Beige Canvas Pouch 35cm x 25cm

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100% Polyester


Sized to fit the essentials and designed to reinforce the hands-free experience, this pouch has all the thoughtful details that make it the go-to accessory. Made from canvas and detailed with waterproof lining and a zipper, it has a sleek silhouette that makes it the perfect pouch to slip into a larger tote.

Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm
Textile bag with 100% waterproof lining and zipper.
Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry.

Made in Greece

100% Polyester


The print is inspired from the ”Mycenae”, as Homer called them. Wealth, power, imposition, well known origin, conquest, royal generation are only some of the characteristics of that period where, masterpieces and artworks of great value are made mostly from gold but also silver, electro and precious stones were present. In this handkerchief dominates the diadem made of gold sheets in a leaf form, a timeless symbol of absolute power inextricably bound up with the reputation of Agamemnon, the first among the earliest, the eternal king.