Nefeli Wrap Top One Size

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For the last three years we’ve been releasing a knit top every summer because we know you’ve enjoyed. This year’s satin draped top fastens with a button at the neck and ties either in the front or the back of your back. It fits at all bodies and can be worn with a bra. Ideally combined either with our matching shorts or with a tied skirt because it creates the feeling of a dress. Available in four prints.

One Size

Made in Greece

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm

100%  Pol


The deep blue color of the sea with the lotus flower are the main characteristics of the “Kosmo Series” which is dedicated to the Oceanis Nefeli, the Greek goddess of hospitality. The “Aristophanic” Nepheles were “nymphs of the clouds” and as such they rose from the ocean pouring to the heavens the water they carried in pitchers made of clouds. The celestial blue color carries within it the fluidity, vastness, generosity and tranquillity of spirit and mind.