Soraya Wrap Top One Size

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For the last three years we’ve been releasing a knit top every summer because we know you’ve enjoyed. This year’s satin draped top fastens with a button at the neck and ties either in the front or the back of your back. It fits at all bodies and can be worn with a bra. Ideally combined either with our matching shorts or with a tied skirt because it creates the feeling of a dress. Available in four prints.

One Size

Made in Greece

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm

100 Pol%


The glowing, sensual red color combined with the striking Nelumbian Nucifera-like pattern of the KOSMO series is dedicated to the sorrowful queen Soraya. The deep red, a characteristic, distinctive color of the oriental palette, is dynamic, adventurous, daring, disobedient to social norms but at the same time tender and warm, just like the woman –symbol that represents it.